Welcome to the world of Arda, those who are newcomers to JRR Tolkien's medieval fantasy world.

If you clicked on the link to this page, you probably don't know much about Arda, but now you're here to learn!

If you ARE someone that already knows about Arda, then you don't need to read this page, but you can still read it if you want, just to recap on your knowledge.

So, I bet you're pretty confused about what this wiki is all about, and you don't know where to start or how to start, but don't worry, in this page you'll learn some basic knowledge of the world of Arda to get you started. With this info in your head, the pages you create will be a lot more knowledgeable and fitting with the world of Arda.

I have provided links for extensive information on each subject.

Known major races of Arda:

Known major lands of Arda:

Click here for a map of Middle-earth (known Arda)

Other major facts about Arda:

  • Arda is a fantasy world in a medieval setting, so there is no technology or advanced science or anything like that.
  • There is plenty of magic in Arda.
  • There are plenty of generic medieval fantasy things like dragons and wizards and dark lords in Arda.
  • There is another league of beings in Arda. I didn't put them in the races list because they are not really a race. These beings are called Ainur, and they are separated into two groups; the Valar and the less powerful Maiar. They are basically the gods of the world of Arda. They created it.

Remember, this is a fanon wiki so you can create your OWN races, lands, characters, creatures, etc. Your imagination is your limit!

Now, I think you're all set to start creating your own pages.

If you need an example of a page to get you started, click here.

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