Before the Fellowship of the Ring the Dwarves were driven out of Moria, the survivors told the Dwarven kings about this and sent Balin on an expedition to reclaim it, but there is more than just Goblins and Trolls that await the foolish Dwarves.

Dwarves trying to reclaim Moria
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Location: Moria
Result: The Dwarves were awesome
Casus belli: Gold I tell you,GOLD!
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Dwarves Goblins
Balin Ori Óin Frár Lóni Náli Jür Steffon Baratheon Borgrish
700 Dwarves, 1 human 3,239 goblins 12 Trolls and a Balrog of Delu-Shaitan
94 Dwarves Everybody

Quotes Edit

Balin: These Goblins know how to wreck our home.

Nali: Taste my axe savages!

Bolg: Victory is imposible Balin, should've fled to your mountain counting gold, then stabbed by my blade.

Ori: We sould never have come, against a Balrog, were doomed.