The Battle of Sarkan Fields was the first major battle of the War of Heltar and Atar. The battle took place outside the city of Sarkan with 16,000 Atarians held off 40,000 Dark Elves for 5 days however in the end the Dark Elves were victorious.


The Atarians had arrived at the city of Sarkan with a ragtag army of 16,000. They had no true leader and acted on their lust for war alone. However when the Dark Elf army of 40,000 arrived many of the Atarians became afraid. The High King of Heltar Kraksnar demanded the Atarians surrender. The Atarians said all at once "No!" Kraksnar was angered by this and ordered his archers to fire. 630 Atarians were killed in this first volley.


This continued on for four days. On the fifth day the Atarians decided they had enough. The remaining 10,000 Atarians charged out of the city to face the Dark Elf hoard. Kraksnar then ordered his pikeman to the front and his cavalry to attack the Atarians from the back. As the Atarians rushed forward their numbers were decimated by the pikeman. Only 4,000 Atarians remained. To try to fight it out. However the Dark Elf cavalry caught them by suprise and killed them all.


The Dark Elves then moved into the city killing all Atarians in their way. Kraksnar himself killed over 100 Atarians. The Dark Elves then ransacked the city for supllies and marched on.