The term Forgotten Elves refers to a race of elves who lost their immortality sometime during the early Third Age.
Male elf small

A Forgotten Elf swordsman

All of the Forgotten Elves live in the country of Aragas on the Eastern edge of Middle-earth.

Differences from other ElvesEdit

Forgotten Elves are different from other varieties of elves in two ways.


Due to exposure to the magically saturated environment of Aragas, the Forgotten Elves became mortal. However, when they die they do not share in the fate of Men but return to the halls of Mandos like their immortal kindred, where their fëar recovers.


Forgotten Elves differ from the standard Elvish appearance in the color of their eyes and hair. There eyes are completely green with no sclera or pupils visible, and their hair is either blond or silver. The change is another side effect of settling in the magic permeated land of Aragas.

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