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Gilraen Carnesîr was a female elf who fought in the infamous War of the Ring. She played only a role in the campaign to undermine the Dark Lord, taking up arms and marching with the Last Alliance to the Black Gate. She was one of the few she-elves who participated in such a fight. Years later, she takes up her blade for the last time to fight alongside Men against Saruman's army of 10,000 Uruk-Hai at Helm's Deep. Carnesîr was a gentle warrior who fought ferociously in battle. She has great skill in the use of athelas, more commonly known to as kingsfoil. The Lothlorien elf was good friends with the Dunédain ranger known as Bregedur, but it is unknown whether the relationship went beyond that of friendship prior to the ranger's death.


The Second AgeEdit

Gilraen was born during the Second Age of Middle-Earth in the forests of Lothlorien. She lived a peaceful life until the Dark Lord Sauron openly attacked the peoples of Middle-Earth. Along with other elves, she took up arms and marched to Mordor to fight for freedom. She could be seen in The Fellowship of the Ring as one of the elvish frontline men who met the first wave of Mordor orcs. The fighting was bloody, but she managed to survive the battle. As the Second Age dwindled, the Third Age taking its place, Gilraen began noticing the power of the elves falling with the Second Age.

The Third AgeEdit

Although elves were traveling to the west, to the Havens, Gilraen remained behind; patrolling for orcs and other fell creatures that are threats to Middle-Earth. She was sent to Helm’s Deep to aid in the defense of the Rohirrim, where she was among the few elvish defenders to survive the fight. She is not seen in the Two Towers, although she lost her battle helm in the fight. This is the last, most famous conflict of the War of the Ring that Gilraen fought in, featured in the Lord of the Rings story. At this time, she met with Bregedur, a Dunédain ranger who unfortunately got caught up in a major invasion while resting at Helm’s Deep. She did not participate in the Battles of Osgiliath, Pelennor Fields, or Minas Tirith.

The Fourth AgeEdit

At about this time, the power of the elves has diminished to almost nothing. Gilraen refuses to leave at this time early on, but hesitantly agreed to travel west, thus maintaining her immortality. This occurred around the time of the death of her friend, Bregedur.