Northern part of the city Gorbon
Place in Arda
Summary East of Mordor and Khand in a grassy area
Built by Lord Dalbon
Realm Gorbon
Capital Gorbon
Lord Kings of Gorbon
Type City/Fortification

Gorbon was a city of middle earth it was founded in the years of the trees


It was founded in the years of the trees by the Elves who went to Aman and saw the Two Trees. . After Men awoke at Hildórien some of them wandered south and met the Elves that lived there and they were accepted among the Elves.


The founders were Lord Gorbal who was a man and Lord Dalbon who was an elf. These two lords were gifted by the Valar . Lord Gorbal was given a life span of 400 years to live. Lord Dalbon was gifted by having the gift of men even though he was an elf and he was immortal and had the gift of men .

First Age Edit

The elves left Gorbon to aid Fëanor some of the men left too but not many. Lord Dalbon left to help Feanor. 

Second Age,Destruction and the rebuildingEdit

Gorbon was sacked by the forces of Sauron in SA 700 then it was used by orcs for an outpost . It was attempted to be reclaimed in SA 750 but it was defended by orcs. In SA 790 it reclaimed by men and elves when they got to it they found out that it had been ruined. It was an ancient and holy place to men and elves because it is the first city of men and elves and it had many times when they both defended it. After 5 years it was rebuilt perfectly along with 2 other outpost cities.

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