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Gotho Brandybuck was a brave hobbit of Stoor origin. When he was 65, he was still combat ready, for Bucklanders had to be prepared if the Old Forest trees decided to attack. He wielded a short-sword, a perfect weapon for a hobbit, and a shield. Gotho bought a pony, of which he called Pippo, and traveled to the very edges of the Shire, where many evils lurked. While everything was all happy in the Shire, goblins where on the borders, waiting for the right time to attack. That is when they attacked. They charged in the direction Micheal Delving, but never made it that far. Fifty goblins were thought to be enough to bring down the few armed hobbits in the capital, but they where not ready for one fellowship. He, Panto Underhill, [[Agatey Underhill}}, Palacad Sackville-Baggins, and Emeraldie Gamgee, as well as twenty five hobbits and dwarves were waiting. After a small battle, the goblin war-leader was killed by Gotho personally. Shortly after this, a small group of three rangers beheaded the second in command, and pursued the remaining goblins. He then traveled to the Misty Mountains to scout out the Goblin forces. He found they were extremely well trained, but traveled to Rohan instead of the Shire. Fighting his way out while riding Pipoo, he returned to the Shire. He continued his life defending the Shire, until he was sent to prison during Lotho Sackville-Baggins rule. During the liberation of Shire, he was injured and no longer able to walk.