After king Arvedui came around in 1975 TA the Lossth founded a kingdom in 1978.The Lossoth later fought Angmar.Angmar was defeated at the Battle at Pitkäranta.

The kingdom later conquered much of north Eriador on the line of the source of Lhún to Carn Dúm.To the North they conquered the region of Järvamaa and Aanaar.Korela was also conquered.

A new shadow came from the East when Rhunish kings and Dragons of Witherd Heath atacked the kingdom.


Decline Edit

The army of Rhun and Barl Syrnac attacked the Lossoth.The Lossoth were defeated at the Battle of Korela. The last king was killed at the Siege of Siida in 2085

The Duchy of South Forochel was destroyed by orcs of the Misty Mountains in 2105

Kings of Lossoth Edit

  1. Lossariorl (1978-2001)
  2. Pitkärturiorl(2001-2039)
  3. Aaniruirl (2038-2053)
  4. Siirdhuriyr (2053-2076)
  5. Daltliyrl   (2076-2083)
  6. Siidhurdaciyrl(2083-2085)

Dukes of South Forochel Edit

  1. Lossothuriorl (2085-2091)
  2. Pitkärús (2091-2099)
  3. Gaindhulphuiolr (2099-2102)
  4. Verdhuiorl (2102-2105)
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