Here are the Limit Breaks for each Fellowship member!

Aragorn's Limit BreaksEdit

  • Cross-Slash: Aragorn's default Limit Break. He rushes up to an enemy and strikes four times, dealing four times normal damage combined.
  • Barahir's Curse: Aragorn unleashes a green-colored mist to surround all foes, inflict Poison, Blind and Silence. This is learned after talking to Erestor in Rivendell.

Berethor's Limit BreaksEdit

Boromir's Limit BreaksEdit

Eaoden's Limit BreaksEdit

Elegost's Limit BreaksEdit

Faramir's Limit BreaksEdit

Frodo's Limit BreaksEdit

  • Howling Soul: Frodo's default Limit Break. Red lightning bolts surround and inflict Berserk on him, increasing his physical stats three times the normal percentage.
  • Spiral Slash: Frodo performs somersaults and cartwheels toward one enemy and slashes for three times normal damage. This is learned after Frodo visits Helm's Deep.
  • Climhazzard: Frodo rushes to climb up one enemy, sticking his sword upon the chest before performing an uppercut while pulling the sword back- dealing five times normal damage. This is learned after Frodo uses Spiral Slash twnety times.
  • Charge & Assault: Frodo dances around his enemies, randomly striking them with six consecutive slashes. This is learned after the party is surrounded for the first time in the Mines of Moria.

Gimli's Limit BreaksEdit

  • Blast Wave: This is Gimli's default Limit Break. He comes up to all enemies in an atempt to eject them all from the battlefield.
  • Earth Shaker: Gimli strikes his axe to the ground, creating a powerful earthquake that deals three times normal magic damage to all enemies. This is learned after talking to Gloin in Helm's Deep.

Hadhod's Limit BreaksEdit

Idrial's Limit BreaksEdit

Legolas's Limit BreaksEdit

  • Wood Barrage: The default Limit Break of Legolas. He fires multiple arrows upon random targets for 30 seconds.
  • Feral Strike: Legolas rushes up to an enemy for a damaging kick, with chances of inflicting Paralysis, Critical Hit or even Instant Death. This is learned after Wood Barrage is used 10 times.

Merry's Limit BreaksEdit

  • Brandy Slot: This is how Merry uses his Limit Breaks via a slot machine. There are fifteen moves total and only seven slots to combine each random move.
  • Sting Rush: Merry's default Limit Break. He consecutively strikes an enemy six times.
  • Harrow Claw: Merry performs an uppercut kick on an enemy. This is learned after completing a side-quest in Barrow-downs.

Morwen's Limit BreaksEdit

Pippin's Limit BreaksEdit

  • Whorl Ring: Pippin's default Limit Break. He hurls a hidden disc at an enemy for four times normal damage.
  • Gale Render: Pippin hurls a hidden disc at all enemies, dealing two times normal wind-elemental damage.

Sam's Limit BreaksEdit

  • Mix: Sam's default Limit Break. He mixes two offensive items from his sack together to create a new one for more-damaging results.
  • Vittles: Sam uses skills he has learned from monster enemies (Dragons, Wargs, Troll, etc.) and uses them against his enemies.