Lord of the Rings (Alternate Version) is an alternate take on J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, aiming to tell the same story, yet with several parts of the plot cut-out or changed, as well as introducing somewhat different plots into the main story of this epic trilogy. Lord of the Rings (AV) will comprise of four books, all of which will contain different names to the originals, except the first one, which will retain the name Fellowship of the Ring.

Changes to the Original Edit


The story is yet to be ended......

Some of the changes to be implemented into LOTR (AV):

  • Boromir will NOT die at Amon Hen, as in the original, but will instead survive the fight.
  • The Fellowship's exploits at Moria will be changed, however how is still being decided.
  • Certain new characters may be introduced as the plot goes on.
  • Some of the characters's fates, of the original ones, may be changed.
  • There may be an extra member of the Fellowship that may join halfway through.
  • Frodo and Sam's path will not neccesarily be an independent travel to Mordor.

New changes may also be made as progress on the novels continues, ans this will be noted here.

Books Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

Note: This section will be updated as progress on the books continues.

Side Note: If anyone is eager to help with the books please do not hesitate to mail me (Username: Nerzal)