a book set in the forth age, this fake book follows Reyo a ranger captain as he goes form the norther city of Lendmark to The white city it self in atemp to stop a massive army form distroying the World of men writen by Darththrash456

setting Edit

1500 years after the end of the 3rd age, the reunited kingdom has began a bloody conflict with a wandring tribe of solders only known as the black battlion, a force made of raiders, pirates, ex-soliders and orcs. a force led by Thearon a dark spirat bond to middle earth as the last of the true evil of the first age.

the story starts at the distraction of Lendmark the new name for the city of Rivandel as the Black Battlion burns the city to the ground. The ranger captain Reyo must get his forces out of the city to the capital to worn the King and unite the soon sharing kingdom form years of war with the Easterlings, the Haradrum and Kingdom of Rohan.

chaptor one Edit

the frist chaptor deals mostly with the burning of Lendmark to the north. The and the explonation of the curant political stage of the world. This chaptor enters 4 new charictors Reyo, Main charictor Captain of the reunited kingdom and skilled hunter. Nelil a Female ranger and Reyos 2nd in command. Lesin a male archer and close friend to Reyo. Gren a male solider, and Westin a natural born man of Rohan was exiled form the kingdom after sparring Reyos life.