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Moriel is the fictional daughter of Sauron and Celebrian.

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In Third Age 2509, Celebrian was waylaid by Orcs in the Redhorn Pass of the Misty Mountains. She was captured and tormented, and raped and impregnated by Sauron. She was rescued by her sons, Elrohir and Ellandan, but no longer wished to stay in Middle-earth. She left for the Grey Havens and passed over the Great Sea the following year, leaving her newborn daughter (whom she named Moriel - dark maiden) with Ferumbras and Malva Took, hobbits of the Shire.

Moriel grew up in the Shire, a maiden whos beauty was matched only by her mischievous nature. Her hair was a cascade of dark curls, her skin pale and fair, and her eyes were like emeralds. Her mournful singing rang throughout the western Green Hills. Until in 2568 she was found by Baldor, son of Brego and crown prince of Rohan, who took her to be his mistress.

After the death of Baldor, and then Brego, in 2570, she became the centre of much court intregue in Edoras, untill she left, or was exiled, in 2572. She travelled East, across the Anduin, eventually making her way to Dol Guldur, where she met her father, who gave her the Great Ring of the Firebeards, set with a ruby, one of the Seven.

Moriel spoke with Smaug through the use of trush birds and it was later rumored that she was in love with the dragon as she viewed him as her father's most devoted servant and was sad upon hearing news of his death.

In 2941 she left Dol Guldur with Sauron, and came to Mordor. Once there, she spent her time mainly in Minas Morgul, but often visiting her other quaters at Barad-Dur,.

After the fall of Sauron, she fled to the South. Eventually she made her way to Gondor, where she became the lover and co-conspiritor of Herumor (the New Shadow), circa Fourth Age 220.Fate would not allow her to rest as Sakos Flamefist and Bezerker Took came to Gondor to ask her to join their vestigal Council of Shadows to plot against Lortz.She refused at first until Lortz came to destroy Gondor.The Council then set in motion the plan Sakos had made.


Sindarin: mor-iel = dark-maiden.

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Born III 2510. Rivendell.
Died fl. IV 220 (Age 731)
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Late 3rd/ 4th Age



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