Neslar was a son of Maglor the Elf. In the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, Neslar was captured by the forces of Morgoth and brought back to Angband. There he was twisted into a dark and evil being. Neslar's mind and body were corrupted beyond repair. In the War of Wrath, when Angband was destroyed and Morgoth taken prisoner back to Valinor, Neslar fled into far away into Eriador beyond the Blue Mountains in the East. Neslar dwelt for hundreds of years in the Ettenmoors. When the Kingdom of Angmar arose, Neslar served under the Witch King. When the downfall of Angmar occurred, Neslar discovered that the Witch King was only a servant of a greater power far away in the South. Neslar travelled South to seek out this great power that he had heard of. When he arrived at the Morannon, Neslar discovered that this new power was indeed Sauron, greatest servant of Morgoth in the First Age. Neslar entered Mordor and was brought before Sauron. Sauron taught Neslar great power in the dark arts, and granted him dominion as an overlord of the land of Nurn. At the end of the War of the Ring, when Sauron was defeated, Neslar shrunk into the shadows. The armies of Gondor had not yet gone into Mordor and cleansed that land. While King Elessar left Mordor alone, Neslar ordered his own little dominion in in the South of Mordor, on the shores of Nurnen. But when the land in Mordor had healed itself a considerable amount, the armies of Gondor crossed over the Mountains of Shadow and into Mordor to build up a new realm. King Elessar expected that Mordor would now be relatively empty due to the downfall of the Dark Lord, but when the army arrived in Nurn, they came upon Neslar's small realm. Neslar's small force of Orcs fled before the banners of the Reunited Kingdoms, and Neslar himself was hunted down and slain by the Prince of Ithilien, Faramir. And so came the end of Neslar the Fallen Elf.

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