Refuge of Edhelion
Capital town Edhelion in Flames
Place in Arda
Aliases Crimson City
Summary Small region builded for elves of Lindon
Built by Falmari
Realm Lindon
Refuge of Edhelion
Capital Edhelion
Lord Lossindil and Marillen
Type Region
Lifespan nearly 500 years
  • Founded - 10 FA
  • Destroyed - 496 FA

Refunge of Edhelion or shortly Edhelion is small elven region in Ered Luin builded by Falmari in leadership of Círdan Shipwright, because of white trees which grown here and good climate for wine cultivation. Its best warrior and captain of guard was Talagan Silvertongue. He died while protecting Calwen and her parents in attack on Edhelion.

History Edit

Founded in the beginning of First age, Edhelion was refuge for those of Falmari, who choose wine creation or cutting trees for ships. Its guardians became Marillen and Lossindil. Year 258 FA princess of Edhelion Calwen was born. For whole 500 years it was peacefull region and trade with dwarves from near vale until evil dwarf Lord Skorgrím attacked first. His hungry for elven immortality bring him into war with elves there and year 496 FA he burned its main city Edhelion. This attack ended times of prosperity and many elves were killed an only few escaped. Region was left abandoned as memory of killed elves.

Environment and Climate Edit

This region has good climate for wine cultivation and it wines were greatly known for its fresh favor and fruity scent. Its main cognitive sign are high white trees which grown here and are mainly used by Falmari for building ships.

Climate here is always spring with occasional snowfall. There lives many animals like rabbits, does and many more. Because its in mountain, there is usually gentle breeze.

Places and Location inside Refuge Edit

Edhelion is main city of Refuge and share its name with region. it was known for its red buildings and nearby mountains.

Telperondin is watch tower on the borders of Refuge and future Vale of Thráin.

Laurirondin is watch towner on the borders of Refuge and Ered Luin

Inhabitants Edit

Lossindil - Lord and Guardian of Edhelion, husband of Marillen

Marillen - Lady and Guardian of Edhelion, mother of Calwen and great healer of FA

Calwen - Princess of Edhelion, daughter of Marillen

Talagan - Captain and guard of Edhelion, killed in burning of Edhelion

many Falmari elves

Name Edit

Edhel- is a Sindarin elven prefix meaning "elf" and the -ion suffix generally denotes a son, scion, or descendant. Edhelion could therefore have an implied place-name translation of "Descendants of Elves" or "Sons of Elves," though both are rough translations at best. Edhelion being named in Sindarin represents a possible continuity error in itself, as the only plausible time of its founding would have it populated by Ñoldor, the second tribe of Eldar, all of whom originally spoke the Elven dialect of Quenya.

Trivia Edit

  • Edhelion is inspired by Edhelion from LOTRO game, but in game it was region of Third age unlike Calwen Aurellen's version which is in First Age
  • Edhelion is one of two regions known for its vine. Second is Mirkwood.
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