Also Known As
Longsword, Shortsword

Service to the King Edit

During his first battles as a Knight of the King, Royan fought up close, and personal. He fought in later battles during the 3rd Age. He ascended to the rank of Captain, and later, Grandmaster of the Knights of the King, making him one rank under Chief Grandmaster Adamus Lex. In later battles, most of which were headed by a Captain, Royan did not fight in direct combat, but remained in close contact with the Captain, and only flew to battle when it was needed. He was only needed once in the Battle of Hell's Mouth against a Rebel Dwarven Clan. As the 3rd Age drew to a close, so did the battles, for awhile. When the King was assassinated a new war had begun, once more, between Men and Orcs. Royan now travels with his good friend Arador and his companion, Ferrin to Mordor.