The adventures of Oraun is a fan fiction middle earth book series and animated series. Its starts off like. On middle earth there was an evil wizard Istari named Druidalf the green. He wanted an elite warrior minion who would help him cause chaos everywhere on middle earth. He wanted world domination. So he made all his minions go and gather mud' water' clay' grass' dirt' and lava. And also gold and rocks. They combined all of the ingredients. The ingredients merged. Fused. Combined into one. They were formed into a creature who was very little and quite adorable. He was little ball of clay with arms' legs' a mouth' eyes' and a nose. He was blue. The creature possessed great power. Druidalf forced the creature to be his minion. He made the creature do evil things. Once Druidalfs orcs and trolls were going to kill an innocent human man so the creature stopped them. The creature was then yelled at by Druidalf. He whipped the poor creature. He kicked it too. The creature didn't want to be evil. The creature was named Crui by Druidalf. Which meant dumb in orc language. The creature hated that name. He then tried to escape but was caught. He was put in a dungeon. He then finally escaped the place the next month. He killed many orcs and trolls. He killed the troll general named Drark which meant awesome in orc language. But he was badly injured in the stomach and the head by an orc. He killed the orc who did it. He punched Druidalf so hard before he would say something mean and evil to Crui. Druidalf was knocked out by him. And so Crui escaped. Cause of his injuries he became very unwell. While he was escaping he caught a virus that would do a middle earth disease called Rogappin. The disease with that name causes heart attacks and hives. Crui suffered and died from it and then turned to a stone egg. Ten years later a hobbit named James Appledore discovers the egg. The egg hatches and out comes Crui who was all well. He didn't have hives. He didn't remember anything though. Not Druidalf and not even his own name. So he was renamed Oraun. James treated Oraun very well. He was best friends with him too. He and James went on adventures and fought evil. Oraun even gets to rematch with Druidalf and discover his past. But he only keeps the name Oraun (after discovering his original name was Crui). He can hear things even though he has no ears.