Umbraspenn was one of two Dragons sent to the East of Rhûn by Sauron. He originally lived in Mountain Ruin with his traveling companion Glaciexuris.

Finding a New LairEdit

Early in the Third Age Umbraspenn was forced to leave Dragos Isle after having an argument with Glaciexurus. Deciding to find a new lair closer to the West he disobeyed Sauron's orders and setteled on a lair in the Ash Mountains to the North of Mordor.

Involvement in the War of the RingEdit

Rediscovery by SauronEdit

Umbraspenn did well consealing himself from others, as he waited patiently for his Master to call him back, a group of Orcs stumbled upon him and reported their finding to Sauron, who called the beast back to him.

As a Servant of SauronEdit

Umbraspenn resumed his place as Chiefest of Sauron's Servants, second only to the Witch King of Angmar and Saruman.

At the Battle of DaleEdit

Umbarspenn was, in secret, made commander of all of the forces participating in the Battle of Dale. The dragon was proud to slay in the name of Sauron once more and was ready to give up his life to ensure the success of his Master's campaign.

Since Umbraspenn had fought with Dwarves at the Battle of Unnumbered Tears and believed that they all were immune to dragonfire, and had heard about the death of Sauron's dragon servant Smaug at the hands of the Men of Dale, he commanded from the shadows. He intended to enter the battle when victory was assured, but that never happened, as the Dwarves and Men were able to hold the line at the Gate of Lonely Mountain. Umbraspenn's forces were delt a crippling blow when the Dark Lord's forces lost the Battle of the Morannon, lowering their moral and leading up to their defeat.


After his Master's defeat, it is rumored that the dragon had been slain, however others say he survived and fled into hiding.

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