I'm going to be spending my time creating characters for the expanded Middle-Earth universe, particularly characters I'm going to be using and referencing in an Adventures in Middle-Earth d20 campaign I'm running for a podcast called "The Aianorion" or "The Tale of the Outsiders". Some of these will be including canon characters from the Tolkien Legendarium, although I shall likely be sticking to very minor characters with very little actual canon histories. I am also going to be building up location pages with (what I hope will be) very detailed descriptions of towns, landmarks, and maps. I try to incorperate as much of already established fanon as possible (be it by fans, fanfiction, or video game lore) when creating new characters or locations, and I fully intend on referencing the LOTRfanon wiki by name in the podcast. I'm looking forward to working on this wikia!

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