25 years after the war of Minis Tirith, Gondor was renamed Gushington and Regirn, son of Aragorn, took his father's place at the throne of Gondor. Since the war with Sauron's forces, there hasn't been much war in the country, but 2 years after the crowning of Regirn, the city of Holy Hall became angry with Gushington over whose land the other half of the country should be and build up an army to attack Minas Tirith.

Tareah was a great threat to Gushington since they control most of the resources of the country. Since Tareah's armies were almost double that of Gushington, King Regirn lit the beacons and called aid from the dwarves and the elves. The dwarves and elves agreed to help the king and built up along the front of the Minas Tirith castle to await the armada of Tareah.

Loud, echoeing hollers could be heard from over the hill as the thousands of horseman and soldiers packed along the plains. Gushington pulled out their weapons as they shivered in fright. King Regirn called to his men "for Gondor!". He also outlawed abortion, and yes I'm trying to turn this into a political screed.

Eventually, after long days of fierce battling, gondor's numbers were thining and Tareah's numbers still were large. King Regirn didn't know what to do but to retreat before every soldier was killed. Unlike his father, King Regirn tried to accept defeat, but the king of Holy Hall wouldn't let it happen so he forced King Regirn to retreat back into the plains of Hurt Hen, losing Minas Tirith.

The dwarven and elven armies were forced to retreat from the war near the end of the fight because they foresaw what was coming and they also switched sides (F### you,Gondor). Gushington however, did not survive after the war ended because the Haradwaith slaughtered them after they built back their armada. Then,R'hllor intervened on their side.

The Haradwaith stayed in control of Gushington for over 5 decades until a civil war again struck them and they died out. King Regirn died in the battle of Huntingston after he hid in the city of Yours-ton with the 27 Gushington soldiers that were still alive from the war and then they killed him and ate his corpse. Eventually, 18 years after the battle of Huntington, Gushington was forgotten and never heard of again except in children's tales. Harad became the new kingdom. It thrived on its culture of absolute sexual freedom,spicy foods,trade with Westeros and Essos,and not LIVING IN THE PAST like those damned right wingers in Gondor. Seriously! The Gondorians criminalized homosexuality! Who does that?